Essential Oils 101

Why Oils and What’s the Difference?

People are becoming more and more aware of the toxic ingredients contained within the products under their kitchen sinks, bathroom cabinets, and everywhere else. Thanks to free apps like Think Dirty and EWG, people can easily check to see if a product contains ingredients that are carcinogenic, allergenic, immunotoxic, or wreak havoc on development or the reproductive system. Knowledge is power and people want a safer alternative…here we introduce essential oils. Essential oils can be used in every area of life, from cleaning to personal care and everything in between. There are now no more toxic chemicals used to clean our homes or in our hand soaps/shampoos/body lotions/etc. Even our supplements are better because they are infused with essential oils making absorption more effective.

We get asked all the time, “Aren’t ______ oils from _______ the same?” The answer is ‘No’. Young Living’s oils are different than anything else you’ll find out there because of the Seed to Seal promise.  Young Living owns many of their own farms and is the only company farming on many co-op farms. Land used for our crops must have never been touched by pesticides. Pesticides placed on land years ago can alter the soil and then alter the DNA of a plant, effectively changing that essential oil’s constituents. Knowing that, we use land that has ALWAYS been pesticide-free.

Young Living uses essential oils instead of pesticides, hand weeds, and uses only first distillation oils in their bottles. Many other companies will distill their oils up to ten times. Imagine brewing a cup of coffee. You brew it once before pouring it into your cup. That first brew would be the strongest. Should you run water through those same coffee grounds a second and third time, your coffee would be weaker and weaker with each brew. It’s the same with essential oils and distilling. The first distillation is the best, most potent you’ll get. Many other companies will add in solvents, chemical extenders, and other additives to mimic what an essential oil should be and to stretch the oil. Young Living is committed to always providing first distillation oils that are free of all that other junk that you do not want on your skin or in your systems.

Young Living’s oils will go out of stock from time to time….and that is exactly why I said, “Sign me up!” As if the Seed to Seal wasn’t enough, that further tells us that Young Living is dealing with mother nature and not science labs. That is huge and one of the many reasons I chose Young Living. You see…a bottle of Lavender you get this year may be slightly different from a bottle of Lavender you get two years from now. Why? Seasonal changes such as rain flow, temperatures, soil fertility, and so much more change from crop to crop. That’s how nature was designed. I don’t want a bottle of something created in a lab just so it is exactly the same year to year. That’s the opposite of natural….the opposite of what we are trying to achieve when we are moving towards a less toxic lifestyle. If a crop of Lavender does not meet the quality standards when tested, that batch will be tossed out. It is not adulterated to make it meet the standards. Young Living would much rather lose out on millions of dollars and have us wait for healthier crop so that we can receive the purest, highest quality essential oils possible.

The Seed to Seal promise guarantees integrity and transparency. Young Living members can visit a farm and take place in the entire process, from Seed to Seal. We can help select the hardiest non-GMO seeds, plant them in pesticide-free soil, hand weed and apply essential oils for pest control, harvest the crop, distill and bottle the oil. Throughout this process, you can see firsthand that Young Living’s bottles contain the purest oil, with nothing else added or altered.

Young Living has been known to toss our millions of dollars worth of oil because when tested, it didn’t meet their standards. Oils are tested on the farms and within internal labs, as well as third-party labs, to ensure quality. Being the one of the oldest essential oil companies, Young Living has a vast library of oil data that is unmatched. If a distilled oil does not match an established profile for that oil (indicating that the oil could have been tampered with or the crop was bad), Young Living will toss it out. It won’t find its way into any Young Living product. That is a company that we can stand with and trust.

There are two types of oilfatty molecule oils – like olive, grapeseed, coconut, almond, jojoba, etc. We call them carrier oils in the oily world. Essential oils – flow through the plant once it starts to bud and grow. It’s the plant juice that is going throughout the body of the plant during growth and seasonal changes. It’s the liquid that responds to injury, temperature changes, and can enact change within the human body. It’s very different from the fatty molecule oils we tend to think of.

Essential oils have a drop reducer and are measured in drops. The absorption is quick and non-greasy. Carrier oils are often used with essential oils to dilute them. Diluting allows the essential oil to cover a larger area of the body and also helps to slow the absorption rate, which is especially important for babies, children, the elderly, and expectant mothers.

Plants have been used forever…Egyptians, Chinese cultures, in the Bible, etc. Essential oils are just the best way to get all the goodness in the plant.

There are two types of essential oil – SINGLES AND BLENDS.

With singles, you get only one essential oil in the bottle. The Young Living difference is that you get ONLY that oil. There are no chemical extenders, solvents, additional things to stretch the oil, or added constituents that make each batch 100% identical. That’s NOT how MOTHER NATURE made oils. That bottle of lavender will likely be a bit different from the bottle of lavender you get a year from now. Seasonal changes, rain flow, how fertile the ground is… all of these things change from crop to crop.

Blends are a combination of two or more essential oils. Some of Young Living’s blends are prediluted for you with a carrier oil. When that is the case, you’ll find the carrier oil as an ingredient on the bottle.


When you get a premium starter kit, you get a gorgeous diffuser. Put some water in and a couple drops – JUST 2 DROPS, not 40! People using off the shelf or online brands often need much more oil and consider oils expensive because they go through their bottles so quickly. Young Living’s oils are pure….a little goes a long way.

Other than with your diffuser, you can use your oils aromatically opening up the bottle and breathing in the aroma. You can add oil to a cotton ball and place in your home’s vents. Add a couple drops of oil to a diffuser necklace or bracelet. Place a few drops on a clothes pin and clip to your car vents.


Topically is when you apply a drop on your skin and rub it in. Some oils are spicier, such as Thieves and Lemongrass. Oils like these you’ll want to dilute with a carrier oil.  Peppermint is tingly, so you may want to dilute that one too.  Some oils are not spicy and you can use neat (without carrier oil). Lavender or Frankincense fall into that category. You always want to dilute essential oils when using on babies, young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.


You can also use your Young Living essential oils as a dietary supplement.  Bottles with the Vitality label (the white label) are specifically for internal use. You can place a drop under your tongue, in a glass of water, in a recipe, or even in a capsule with some carrier oil.

With your essential oil Premium Starter Kit (PSK), you receive a medical-grade diffuser, eleven essential oils, two samples of Ningxia Red, and several other goodies (such as sample sachets you can share with friends, information cards to give with your samples, and a roller fitment). We feel like you can’t really experience essential oils without a diffuser. If you use a diffuser that is not medical-grade, then citrus oils will eat through the plastic and distribute those toxins into the air. You would then be breathing those into your lungs. Young Living makes sure that you have what you need to get started safely. You get to choose the diffuser you would like for your kit, accounting for personal styles and room sizes. All of these are wonderful, but we’d recommend the Rainstone to start. It runs the longest, is very quiet, and is absolutely stunning!

The prices listed at the bottom is the price of the essential oil Premium Starter Kit depending on the diffuser you choose. It includes all 11 bottles of oil described below as well.

Priced out individually, you’d pay over $320 for all that you get in the kit. We all love a great deal, which is why most people chose to get their kit as a wholesale member, all at once, and pay only $160! That’s half off! As a wholesale member, you get everything in the Premium Starter kit plus 24% off all future purchases. You also get access to our exclusive groups on Facebook for oily education and support, as well as access to exclusive member-only classes. You also have the OPTION to take advantage of the income opportunity that Young Living has to offer. Learn more about that here.

We’d love for you to join our team and let us help you get started. Go to our Meet Our Team page and select a team member to help you get started.
Check out the information cards below for each oil in the PSK. Look at all the support and uses you get with this perfectly put-together starter kit.

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Once you are a member, you have the advantage of purchasing an Essential Rewards (ER) Kit. The ER Kits are wonderfully created bundles that are discounted for members, saving you money. If you were to purchase the individual items separately, you’d be paying much more. Most members choose to add on one of these Essential Rewards Kits below right away. Why? When you add on an Essential Rewards order at the same time that you order your Premium Starter Kit, you get to count the 100PV from your PSK towards your overall PV (point value). You get free promotional items at different PV levels – 100, 190, 250, and 300. At no other time can you count the PV from your Premium Starter Kit.
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