Lemon Vitality

Did you know?

It takes 3,000 lemons to produce 1 kilo of oil…..Wow!  Can you imagine what that process looks like when Young Living cold presses the rind to get the lemon essential oil we all know and love?  I find that amazing!!

Historically lemon oil has been widely used in skin care to cleanse skin, reduce wrinkles, and combat acne.  Citrus oils in general have proven to be great at detoxifying the system and lemon is no exception.  Just a drop or two to your water will promote a healthier you!  Yay!!

Lemon Vitality can also be used in your daily cooking: baked goods, stir fries, dressings, vinaigrettes, meats, veggies, pastas, marinades, and more oh my!!

I know I love lemon…..how about you?

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