FBD – Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Do you have FBD (Fibrocystic Breast Disease)? Let’s chat about it.

First….the word ‘disease’ is being phased out because this isn’t a true disease. It’s a difference in breast tissue texture and the nodules inside. It’s extremely common.

I discovered when I was a young teenager that I had this. It was painful when I had to run in PE. The best sports bras didn’t help. Lately (within the past 2 weeks), I’ve had three different women confide in me that they have it too. I’ve discovered a few really helpful things through the years that have helped me tremendously and I want to share those in case they may help you too. Because, FBD can be PAINFUL….and that is no fun. None of these women had any idea about one of the tips that I thought was common knowledge….so I’m putting this out there assuming none of it is common knowledge 😉

So, what is it? 
Basically, FBD is when the breast tissue does not drain as it should and you develop fluid filled sacs in the breast (cysts) that become lumpy, sore, and tender. The breast tissue changes due to hormonal fluctuations, which may happen according to your cycle and in response to certain medications (like hormone therapy) or foods (like caffeine).

What can you do to help alleviate the pain?
#1 My TOP tip, above all else, is to NOT wear bras with underwire in them. Underwire, for whatever reason, causes the tissue to become aggravated and form more cysts. 
You don’t need to toss all your bras. Just use some scissors and cut a very small slip in the area right under the arm and gently pull the wire out. You’ll be surprised at how much better it feels and does not cause our bra to become deformed. 😉

Other tips: 
-Diet: Limit caffeine – coffee, teas, sodas, chocolate. Yeah, I know….all the yummy stuff. I’m not saying not to have any, just cut back if you notice your breasts change after consuming these. 
Limit sugar and sodium. 
Increase your fiber and fruits/veggies.

-Apply heat. Massage some Copaiba (order here) in and then apply a heating pad.

-Consider any hormones you are taking, including birth control pills. There are some great non-hormonal birth control options out there.

-Supplements….Vitamin E, Evening Primrose, and Fish Oil have been shown to decrease the swelling and pain.

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