Disclosure Statement

We are a group of independent distributors with Young Living. If you purchase a kit through one of us, we will make a small commission on it, but you will also be a part of our community and will be supported as you learn all about the oily lifestyle!  If you decide you want to make a business out of sharing oils, we will support you in that as well.  Many people just want the benefits of the oils and do not want to “sell” them, and that is totally fine!  You will never be pressured to. 🙂  Most of us did not purchase our starter kits with the intention of participating in the business side of Young Living. We used our oils, fell in love with them, and began sharing naturally. Before we knew it, businesses were formed and we were off and running.

Also, please note that we cannot and will not diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. We use oils to support our bodies and can help you learn how to do that as well. Please refer to your medical care team for all other health inquiries.